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Creative Camp Downtown contact is Lisa Parfitt,

Creative Camp Kerasotes contact is
Sarah Brewer 217.679.1625

Half Day Fees: Members, $70/week
​Public, $90/week

Full Day Fees: Members, $120 Week
Public, $148 Week


We offer a variety of performing, visual, culinary and cinematic art camps as well as science and literary-based camps. The camps are designed to immerse each child in theme-related activities to feed a passion or spark a new interest. Each day, campers will learn, create, and experience the magic of the theme they choose. Imaginations are our guide!


We offer something for every young camper. Kids will be divided into age appropriate groups once they arrive each week. Campers will rotate through a set of stations, including activities related to the weekly theme, group games, and outside play.

Due to space constraints there is no before and after care at our Kerasotes Full Day camps. 

All About Art (Downtown)
From wearable art like tie-dye, to more traditional art forms such as painting and sculpting, students will be immersed in art projects that reflect their own creative talents. This popular camp is an extravaganza of creativity and fun!
Week 5, July 3 & 5-7: 8-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

NEW! The Artful Experience: Groovy 60’s (Kerasotes)
Campers will spend their week with a focus on arts and crafts from the 50s and 60’s. Pop Art (Warhol) and Pollock will influence our art projects. We will weave innovations of the 1960s throughout our week of arts and crafts adventures. We will also spend time in the YMCA’s Community Garden, YMCA ROOTS, to include nature in our art and expand our understanding of being good stewards of our world. This camp will include an outdoor water play activity on Wednesdays, and Fridays will be our swim day. A sack lunch, sun screen, bug spray, and water bottle will be needed daily for the full day camp experience. A swim suit and towel will be needed on Wednesday and Friday.​
Week 8, July 24-28: 5-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-4 p.m., Full Day)

Babysitting (Downtown)
Learn skills to be a safe and effective sitter. We will cover first aid, emergency procedures, playtime activities and child care. The responsibilities of having a job and presenting yourself to potential employers will also be discussed.
Week 3, June 19-23: 11-15 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

Bakery Bliss (Downtown)
Campers measure, mix and decorate their way to delectable sweet and savory treats in this camp. Creating and tasting their creations is the highlight. We will also include lessons on safe food preparation, nutrition and cooking terms.
Week 4, June 26-30: 8-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)​

New! Behind the Scenes (Downtown)
Calling all make-up artists, set builders and costume designers! Working collaboratively with Drama Camp, participants in this camp will work on the nuts and bolts, the paint and fabric or our production. It takes more than performers to put on a show, we need creative artists too!​
Week 8, July 24-28: 10-14 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

CSI Investigation (Downtown)
Back by demand from last summer, we have more crimes to solve. Campers step into the mind of a CSI expert and look at forensics, fingerprinting and DNA to solve crimes. Campers work together to study clues and solve mysteries. This exciting camp is for the science minded investigator and detective.
Week 4, June 26-30: 8-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

Dance, Dance, Dance (Downtown)
From ballet to the newest dance crazes, this is the week our young campers work on their moves! While becoming acquainted with the most basic of dance steps, campers will put their lessons into practice by learning a jazz routine. All levels of experience encouraged. On Friday we will showcase our newfound knowledge of jazz for friends and family.
Week 6, July 10-14: 5-7 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

New! Drama Camp (Downtown)
Drama Camp is designed to educate campers about theater. Campers will learn basic acting techniques and theater terminology. The campers will learn how to work together in groups, think critically, use their imagination, discover new ideas, and solve problems. This two week camp wraps up with a performance that lets everyone have a chance to feel like a star!​
Week 7-8*, July 17-28: 8-12 yrs (9 a.m.-Noon)
*Two week camp. Must register for both weeks.

Girl Strong (Kerasotes)
Come join us for fun, fitness, fashion and the celebration of being GIRL STRONG. Being confident, healthy, and happy is our goal! Through this girl powered camp we will talk with female role models, work on building confidence, and participate in activities ranging from yoga to fashion and jewelry to investigating famous women throughout history.
Week 5, July 3 & 5-7: 5-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)
*CLOSED Tuesday, July 4th*

Hogwarts Adventure (Downtown)
Calling all Harry Potter fans! It’s time to mix potions, study the care of magical creatures and perfect wizardry skills in this fantastical adventure camp! Campers earn points for their house through games and trivia. Camp closes with a delightful end-of-term celebration. Costumes encouraged. Parents: we will not teach the Evanesco incantation! We will explore the wizarding world in the mornings and our afternoons will include lunch, group games, swimming, and more.
Week 10, August 7-11: 8-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

Jedi Training Academy (Downtown)
Is your camper ready to meet the challenge of our Jedi training academy? We will work on a variety of skills including light saber techniques, designing space ships, droids and more. Our final day will include a graduation celebration featuring some galactic treats. May the fun be with you!​
Week 9, July 31-August 4: 5-8 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

New! Jurassic Exploration (Kerasotes)
Campers will take nature walks, learning about creatures and plants they discover. Our learning and fun this week will focus on archaeology, marine biology, and entomology. We will also spend time in the YMCA’s Community Garden, YMCA ROOTS, to expand our understanding of gardening and being good stewards of our world. This camp will include an outdoor water play activity on Wednesdays, and Fridays will be our swim day. A sack lunch, sun
screen, bug spray, and a water bottle will be needed daily for this full day camp experience. A swim suit and towel will be needed on Wednesday and Friday.​

Week 6, July 10-14: 5-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-4 p.m., Full Day)

Just Dance (Downtown)
Is your camper into music and always dancing around? We have the camp and the experienced instructor to work on all the moves. Campers will learn the basic steps and how to put them all together in a choreographed hip-hop routine. On Friday campers will showcase what they have learned and display the funky, fresh, free-style for friends and family.
Week 6, July 10-14: 8-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

New! Pastry Boot Camp (Kerasotes)
The rare time when you get a high calorie workout. We will enjoy cake decorating, a day of chocolate, secrets of working with fondant, sugar paste sculpting and more. This is the perfect for the camper with enthusiasm to learn and a desire to create. Come challenge yourself!
Week 1, June 5-9: 11-15 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

Petite Picasso (Downtown)
This popular camp is for our young budding artists. Campers will learn basic paint, drawing, and design skills while exploring a variety of materials to create their next great work of art. Make sure campers dress for mess!
Week 5, July 3 & 5-7: 5-7 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)
*CLOSED Tuesday, July 4th*

New! Pokemon Madness (Downtown)
Campers can bring in their Pokemon Cards and will have the opportunity to trade, swap and share with their friends. They will battle wild Pokemon, and do what they can to catch ‘em all. Campers will also get creative creating their own Pokemon characters, playing games, and making snacks worthy of a noble Pokemon trainer.​
Week 3, June 19-23: 8-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

New! Rebel Alliance (Kerasotes)
Join the Rebellion training camp. Work with Jedi Masters, study Jedi Padawan training, and help bolster the Rebellion. This camp is perfect for campers with a love of all things Star Wars and a special interest in learning the ways of the Force.
Week 3, June 19-23: 5-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

New! Science & Story: STEM Camp (Kerasotes)
Join us for a blend of STEM learning and fun! Make magical potions like Harry Potter, explore the science of a Zombie apocalypse, and dip your toes into robotics. Our unique STEM camp will combine your campers’ love of the sciences with their favorite stories and themes. This full day camp will spend time in the YMCA, outdoors at the neighboring park, and visiting the recreation pool multiple times throughout the week. Sack lunch, water bottle, swim suit and towel will be needed.
Week 4, June 26-30: 7-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-4 p.m., Full Day)

New! Special F/X: Make Up (Kerasotes)
Learn the secrets used by stage and screen makeup artists. Projects will include creating animal makeup, facial prosthetics, and yes, a touch of blood & gore. Get ready to wow your friends come Halloween! Campers will receive individual make up kits. An additional $20 supply fee is required for this program. This fee will be included in the camp rate at time of registration. ***LATEX WILL BE USED. YOUTH WITH LATEX ALLERGIES SHOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS CAMP.***
Week 9, July 31-August 4: 11-15 yrs. (9 a.m.-Noon)

New! STEM Camp (Downtown)
Through fun, hands-on investigation, campers experience an array of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts. We will offer a variety of activities that will stimulate camper’s minds and help them explore the endless possibilities offered by these important disciplines.
Week 2, June 12-16: 5-7 yrs. (9 a.m. – Noon) & 8-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)

New! Water World: Atlantis (Kerasotes)
Join us for a fun week of water play and learning about the Lost World of Atlantis. Discover forgotten wonders, hidden treasures, and mermen and mermaids. We will enjoy exploring both in and out of the pool: this full day camp will spend time in the YMCA, enjoying the outdoors, and of course, engaging in a lot of water games and fun! A sack lunch, water bottle, swim suit and towel are needed.
Week 2, June 12-16: 5-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-4 p.m., Full Day)

Water World (Kerasotes)

Join us for our most popular camp at the Kerasotes facility for two years running! This water filled experience will include aquatic science, outdoor water activities, games with water, and of course, multiple visits to our recreation pool. We will be busy all day! Campers will need to bring a sack lunch, water bottle, sun screen, swim suit, and towel each day.
Week 10, August 7-11: 5-12 yrs. (9 a.m.-4 p.m., Full Day)

YDC: YMCA Diabetes Camp (Kerasotes)
In Partnership with HSHS Joslin Diabetes Center This camp offers kids with diabetes a fun week of summer camp. Campers will play games, make crafts, swim, and learn fitness and nutrition tips to stay healthy. Volunteer registered nurses, and a registered dietitian will be on hand alongside camp counselors.
Week 9, July 31-August 4: 5-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)
*Special registration forms are required for YDC. Forms
available at both Ys.*

Zen (Kerasotes)
Kids will learn the benefits of yoga and the power of a positive mind. In addition to journaling and service projects, campers will do some self expression art.
Week 7, July 17-21: 5-12 yrs. (1-4 p.m.)