Youth Sports

Indoor Recreational Soccer

Indoor Soccer session one is played at Soccer World and is offered for ages 3 - 12. YMCA youth sports programs encourage healthy competition, the value of participating, team building and individual development. The YMCA’s volunteer coaches emphasize skill development and always having fun! T-shirts are included. We have 2 indoor sessions, each lasting 7 weeks, from November - February. The first session begins in November and games are played Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Member - $60 Public - $76


The YMCA is a great place to enhance your child’s basketball skills, learn the rules, concepts, court layout, and player positions. Sportsmanship is emphasized and everyone plays. We have K through 5th grade divisions. K division games are played on Friday nights and 1st - 5th grade are played on Saturday mornings. All participants receive a jersey.

Member - $82 Public - $95

Volleyball Clinic

Volleyball Clinics are held at the Kerasotes YMCA for youth ages 9-13. A well-rounded volleyball clinic focused on passing, setting, serving and hitting. Clinics will include skill development, contests and competitions! Prices are $60 for Members and $75 for Public, this clinic includes a T-shirt. For questions, please contact Jesse Baker for more information. You will be contacted September 6th with expectations sent to the email provided above.

Member - $60 Public - $75

Junior Karate

Students will learn Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate & practical self-defense in this program. Over time, coordination will improve along with self-confidence, discipline, and self-respect. This class incorporates blocks, kicks, throws, punches, and age appropriate combat and self-defense techniques. A student?s rank will be earned by testing based upon hard work, effort, and the ability to meet the requirements for each rank. Classes are taught by tenured instructors and senior students who are ranked and recognized through the National Okinawan Goju Ryu Organization. Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 PM.

Member - $88 Public - $136

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art. The techniques blend several ancient self-defense systems into a single dynamic one. Extensive kicking and footwork patterns characterize this Olympic Sport! Our program stresses self esteem, self discipline, physical fitness, balance, flexibility, and concentration.

Member - $88 Public - $136

Belt Testing

For information on testing, see front desk for registration and pricing. Participants need to schedule time and location with instructor.