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The YMCA’s Lose Big weight loss challenge has seen amazing results over the past ten years! Over 1,000 pounds were lost by Lose Big participants! Hundreds of individuals have successfully transformed their bodies creating a healthy lifestyle while having fun! Studies show you will push yourself harder and stay more motivated if you participate in a fitness program. Each participant will have a coach and will be put on a team to help hold them accountable. All fees are non-refundable.

Due to Covid-19, groups will only allow for no more than 10 people.

• Must be cleared by a physician which states physical strenuous activity is allowed and, for health reasons, want to lose a minimum of 20 pounds. Click here for ParQ form.
• Must be 14 years or older
• Must select a team to be on based on their own schedule preference
• Must attend 2-4 group exercise classes a week or complete a certain amount of hours outside team workouts
• Must attend a weekly weigh-in and Team workout
• Must attend 1 out of 2 team challenges




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