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The YMCA OF SPRINGFIELD is proud to introduce Playerspace as a platform for league management, electronic communication, and to connect players, parents, coaches/captains and fans.  This online portal is both accessible through desktop and mobile.  We are excited to offer the online software which is convenient & easy to use.

With Playerspace, you will get:

  • 24/7 Online Access to league information such as schedules, team information, team roster and program specifics.

  • Email with important program information, including schedule changes and league announcements.

  • Automated reminders for games that are specific to each participant/team on Monday and Friday Mornings.

  • The ability to add the game schedule to your calendar

Step 1 – Register for your desired Sport & PAY through Daxko


Step 2 – Create an account in Playerspace
When creating your Playerspace account, please use your Daxko e-mail.
You may receive the message that an account has already been created with this e-mail. If that is the case, please hit “Forgot Password” and proceed with the instructions sent to your e-mail.


Step 3 – Already have an account?

Playerspace Log-IN

What is PlayerSpace?

Playerspace is a sports communication portal that the Eugene Family YMCA has partnered with to enhance and improve the overall communication for our sports leagues.

What if I am not receiving the information and my spouse is, but we both need the league information?

This is very common and very easy to fix! Let your coach know that you need to be invited as a “fan” of the league. Your coach will need your e-mail and phone number, you then will receive and e-mail with a link that you will need to click on to be added. From there you are then able to see all of the necessary league information

How do I get on Playerspace?

Playerspace is a sports communication portal that the Eugene Family YMCA has partnered with to enhance and improve the overall communication for our sports leagues.

When you register your child for the sports league, you automatically are registered with an account on Playerspace. There is no need to create a new account! You will receive an e-mail with your username and password the first week of practice. From there you can visit and click “sign-in” at the top of right corner

What information will I find on PlayerSpace?

You will find all the essential information for your player(s) league(s). You can find game schedules, snack lists, coach contact information, end of season party information and weather status updates and cancellations for games and practices.

What if I am not receiving E-Mails from Playerspace?

Be sure to check your junk, trash and spam folders for Playerspace. You will need to add to your safe sender list. If you still are not receiving e-mails, contact your Sports Director at your local YMCA or reach out to us via email to our

I have more than one child and I can only see one of my children's team information. How do I see my other children's information?

Make sure you are not on your child’s dashboard and you are logged in as yourself as the master account. To tell if you are logged in as one of your children, see if it states your name’s dashboard or your child’s dashboard. To easily login as yourself, simply visit and login with your credentials that were e-mailed.

Do you need more help? or have more questions?

Please click below for additional help from PlayerSpace.

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