Racquetball Info, Leagues & Court Policies

The February – April 2020 Racquetball League which started February 17, 2020 was cancelled early.

Check here to see partial league statistics from 2/17/20 – 7/26/20.


Planned 2020 League Sessions:
February 17-April 27  – CANCELLED
June 8-August 31 – CANCELLED
October 5-December 21 – To Be Determined


Compete for free in the Challenge League as described below.

For League Questions or to get on the mailing list, message or text the League Coordinator  at 217-404-0008.
For Court Reservations call 217-544-9846

YMCA Court Use Policies Below

  • The Downtown YMCA now has 4 racquetball courts on the second floor. Three of the courts have a full back wall with a third floor gallery viewing area. Contact the front desk (dial 124 from the phone by the courts) if the upstairs gallery door is locked. Another has a back wall with windows for viewing. If the courts need attention notify the front desk (dial 124 in house or call 217-544-9846).
  • Courts 1, 2 & 3 are primarily for competitive racquetball and handball games. The Check-in Desk (dial 124) should be asked about reserving the courts for OTHER USES to prevent damage to the competition courts. Court 4 is a multi-purpose court.
  • Make court reservations with the Check-in Desk staff in person, calling 217-544-9846, or call 124 from the phone in the hall by the courts. You need to provide your full name, cell phone, activity planned and the name or number of those you will play with. You may not reserve a court for the sole use of others. The person that made the reservation MUST use the court at the reserved time. All players may be asked to leave a court unless at least one of them has a reservation on that court.
  • Adult (16+) YMCA members and racquetball league registrants (members and non-members) may reserve two, 1-hour court times per day up to 3 days in advance. Court reservations are made in 1 hour blocks, up to a maximum of 2 hours in one day. Start times are staggered. Courts 1 and 3 start at 45 minutes after the hour. Courts 2 and 4 starts at 15 minutes after the hour. YMCA guests and Nationwide (formerly A.W.A.Y.) members may reserve courts only on the day of their visit.
  • If youth (under 16) are present, they must be supervised continually by the reserving adult (16+) or a designated YMCA employee or registered volunteer.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the courts.
  • YMCA staff may use the courts for other purposes and events, but will post signs to notify racquetball and handball members about these “blackout” dates in advance.
  • Reservation holders must occupy their court at the reserved time. Don’t reserve courts that you are not going to use. Courts will be held for 15 minutes following the reserved time, after which the reservation will be canceled for use by someone else.
  • The YMCA Check-in Desk may be called from the upstairs racquetball hallway court phone (Dial 124) to confirm, make and break reservations, or any emergency or disputes.
  • The YMCA reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the courts who is not using the courts for their intended use (handball/racquetball competition or Check-in Desk approved use) and/or anyone without a reservation.
  • Effective July 6 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings.
  • Further policy details, guidance and interpretation are available at the Check-in Desk.

Competitive Racquetball League Sessions

  • The Downtown YMCA hosts competitive adult (16 and over) co-ed racquetball leagues at several skill levels.
    2020 League Sessions are planned for:

    • February 17 – April 27 – CANCELLED
    • June 8 – August 31 – CANCELLED
    • October 5 – December 21 – To be Determined
  • Tell the Racquetball League Coordinator if you want to be notified in advance of league or tournament start dates and other racquetball information. Call or text 217-404-0008.
  • The adult racquetball League gives you the opportunity to play at your own level of comfort within one or two skill divisions: Expert (A), Advanced (B), Intermediate (C), and Novice (D). The League is open to both YMCA members ($20) and non-members ($60).

How to Schedule and Play Competitive League Games (Rev 2/18/19)

Look at the league match schedule for your Division. The link to the schedule and roster appear at the top of this page.

“Home” player is responsible for:
1. Contacting the “Away” opponent to arrange a time and date to play during the scheduled week.
2. Scheduling a court at the front desk.

All Racquetball League matches are played at the Downtown facility.

Scheduling Matches (Rev. 2/18/19)

It is important to keep on schedule to avoid delays in finishing the session and starting the next session.  Matches must be played the week they are scheduled.  There is a two week grace period for scheduling delays.  If you are unable to play for a longer period of time, contact the Racquetball League Coordinator who will decide to allow the extended delay or remove you from the game schedule.

Skill Levels

Players select skill-based divisions in which to play when registering. Players will be assigned to that level unless the league coordinator feels they should be in a higher skill division based on ranking from previous play at the YMCA and the league coordinator’s judgment.  Players may select a division higher than their ranking. League assignment may be changed by combining players from 2 divisions if not enough players (6) are registered in one skill division.  Players wishing to play 2 matches (instead or 1) per week may sign up for an additional division but only at the skill level above the division assigned.


Winners are responsible for reporting the scores of each 3-game match. Send all 3 game scores of the match, the division, and date played to the league coordinator (text or voice message to 217-404-0008) as soon as possible. Both players will get a confirmation from the Racquetball League Coordinator.  Please check that your results were posted correctly at the link at the top of the page. In the event of won/loss tie, points and ranking can make the difference in league standings, so play all 3 games each time and report scores correctly. Scores, game schedule, contact information (and updates), and player status will be posted at the link at the top of the page and on the upstairs bulletin board.

Awards - Rev 9/19/2019

At the end of the session the top two ranked players in each division will get public recognition, and may receive an award depending on the current budget.


Please bring your own safety gear, racquets and fresh racquetballs, as we can’t guarantee the YMCA will have these to loan when needed. Always play it safe and follow the safety rules, using eye protection, wrist straps and calling  a “hinder” when you can’t make a play in order to avoid a potential injury to an opponent.


Springfield Downtown YMCA Racquetball League Coordinator
Call or text 217-404-0008

Ongoing Challenge League

  • A FREE ongoing racquetball “league” is available. Active YMCA members or current Competitive League contestant may compete with each other at any time during the year.

  • To compete, prior to the match, send a “challenge” accepted by both players to the YMCA Racquetball Coordinator (text or voice to 217-404-0008). At least one of the players must already have a ranking on the posted list.

  • After the match is completed, send the results to the YMCA Racquetball Coordinator.

  • If the lower ranked person wins, they take over the higher rank of the opponent – moving the opponent down 1 rank. Otherwise there is no change in rank. Ranks will be changed by a player winning a match 2 out of 3 games each to 15 points.

  • Games must be played at the Downtown YMCA and reported to the YMCA Racquetball Coordinator for verification.

  • Both Challenge and Competitive League matches impact these rankings, except forfeits.

  • Players that have not reported any matches played in over 2 years, are not able to defend challenges within 30 days, or are otherwise unable or unwilling to play may be removed from the list.

  • Rankings are used for Competitive League Division placement and tournament bracketing – and just for fun.

  • CURRENT ONGOING CHALLENGE LEAGUE STATUS – See the link at the top of the page for “CHALLENGE LEAGUE” tab in the last session for players contact information and “Ongoing  Challenge League” Racquetball league rankings.

  • The Ongoing Challenge League is always open and FREE.

Springfield YMCA Racquetball League Rules

  • Matches are won by winning 2 out of 3 games to 15 points, with 1 point needed to win. Play all 3 games.

  • The winner of each match will be responsible for reporting the scores to the league coordinators at 217-404-0008.

  • Players with conflicts for a scheduled match must contact their opponent 24 hours prior to the match to reschedule.

  • Players not showing up for matches within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time forfeit that match at the option of the player that shows up on time. While the late or “no-show” player may contact opponents to reschedule, the on-time opponent has the option to reschedule or take a forfeit.

  • Eye protection with lenses is mandatory and must meet ASTM or CSA impact standards for racquetball.

  • All games must be played at the YMCA’s Downtown facility racquetball courts during regular hours of operation.

  • To determine first server, lob ball for the “short” line on service box; the closest serves first. Players alternate servers between first and second matches. The player who scored the most points in games one and two serves the third game. If all points are tied after two, lob ball for the “short” line to determine service on third game.

  • Play safe and call hinders when necessary.

  • Rules of play will be the United States Racquetball Association rules (http://www.usra.org) where they do not conflict with YMCA Racquetball League rules.

  • Forfeits are assigned at the discretion of the League Coordinator for Competitive League game only. Forfeits do not impact the master “Ongoing Challenge League” rankings.

  • Players not playing (or reporting results for) all Competitive League games will not receive a Competitive league ranking or be eligible for the Competitive league awards.

  • To get on the e-mail list to be notified of league activities and updates, or if you have questions, text the Racquetball League Coordinator at 217-404-0008.