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I am sitting here with Rob and Alex as they are getting ready for another swim meet this weekend. This is the fifth year where the Springfield YMCA’s SPY Team is hosting.  “It is the largest it has ever been!,” says Rob as enters all the information into the software used to make it all happen, Meet Manager.  We sit down as we try to figure this whole thing out. He, for the most part, has it all down. I help with connecting the printers and some other IT related tasks. The YMCA is able to accomplish this event largely due to the passion behind the organizers.


I also talked with Lynn Ehmen, chair of the of the concession stand, she says they do this 3 times a year. She loves what she does, even if it takes a lot of work. Lynn does it mainly because she wants the kids to eat healthy at the YMCA , and not have to go to to a fast food restaurant. Next year though, she says she might look into having one of our sponsors and partners, Hy-Vee, provide the food.

There will be a live feed where you can watch it online.

The SPY Parent Group Presents…

A two and a half day invite suited for some fast post-holiday racing; this meet is open only to YMCA teams.

Updates to the Snowball Invite:

  • The 14&U and 21&U 500 FR have been moved to Friday night.
  • The 21&U 1650 FR has been moved to the last event Sunday afternoon.

Event limits are as follows:

  • 12&U, 14&U, 21&U: 2IE on Friday, 3IE on Saturday and Sunday
  • 8&U, 10&U: 4IE on Saturday and Sunday or 8IE for the 3-day meet
  • No limit on relays per team or swimmer

Entry period for visiting teams:
9:00 AM Monday, December 18 to 9:00 PM Thursday, December 21

A scratch deadline of 45 minutes prior to each session will be in effect (with the exception of the Saturday Finals session). The meet will be seeded after the scratch deadline, and heat sheets will be synced to Meet Mobile and posted online and throughout the facility. No heat sheets will be sold on site.

Participation in two days of a multi-day meets counts as two YMCA inter-association meets as it pertains to elibility for YMCA Championship sanctioned meets.

Construction at the intersection nearest the facility is complete. Please ensure you are familiar with the roundabout right-of-way traffic.

We would like to thank our sponsors. Learn more about them on our SPY  Website  . You can also email Rob at if you are interested in participating.


Kerasotes facility, except for the wellness floor, will be closed on Friday, January 12th at 3:00 p.m.

January 13th -Kerasotes facility closed all day, except for the wellness floor.

January 14th – Kerasotes facility closed all day, except for the wellness floor.

Thank you for your patience as we host swimmer athletes from around the state.

January 12, 2018 – January 14, 2018