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Weeks 7 & 8: July 17-21 & 24-28

New, affordable, half-day camp for little stars!
Drama Camp is a new YMCA camp designed to educate campers about theater. Through a production of Beauty and the Beast, campers will learn basic acting techniques and theater terminology. The campers will learn how to work together in groups, think critically, use their imagination, discover new ideas, and solve problems. This two week camp wraps up with a performance that lets everyone have a chance to feel like a star!​
The entire two-week experience is only $140 for YMCA Members and $180 for the public! Register soon.

Drama Performance
A performance of Beauty and the Beast will be held on the final day of camp, Friday, July 28th. All campers will have roles!

About the Instructor
Deb Rudis is a respected member of our local theater community. During the day she is a speech pathologist for Butler Elementary School and also the instructor for the school’s Actors Club! She has served as a Springfield Muni Opera Board Member for 12 years, and has performed at the Muni, Hoogland Center for the Arts, Springfield Theater Center, and Theater in the Park. She has been honored to perform the following leads: Mame in Mame, Adélaide in Guys and Dolls, Velma in Hair Spray, Golde in Fiddler On The Roof. Deb has also been a YMCA member for 10 years!

Behind the Scenes Camp:
July 24-28, 9-Noon
10-14 yrs
Calling all make-up artists, set builders and costume
designers! Working collaboratively with Drama Camp, participants in this camp will work on the nuts and bolts, the paint and fabric or our production. It takes more than performers to put on a show. We need creative artists too!​