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The Dynamic Duo – Meet Eric and James

By April 10, 2019Y Stories

Eric and James have the spirit of explorers. Their bikes take them on adventures all over the city. They arrive at the Saturday Strikers Bowling program on their bikes in all sorts of weather. The Saturday Strikers Bowling community is blessed to be part of their journey. Eric (28) and James (48) have been a part of this program for many years. The bowling program has been operating for forty-two years and is offered to adults and children with disabilities to both YMCA members and non-members. It is completely subsidized by the YMCA Strong Kids Fund at a cost of almost $30,000 a year. Included are two games of bowling, shoe rental and transportation for those who need it. Barbara, Eric’s mother and James’ guardian, says the program has been so good for both of them. She said they are extremely proud of their scores and the program has really boosted their confidence. She says, “They look forward to getting to the bowling alley for the social interaction. The program is great exercise and a really a great place for the two of them to talk to other individuals with disabilities.” When Eric and James are not at the bowling alley, they are either working, volunteering or just riding their bikes around town. James is employed as a courtesy clerk at Hy-Vee and Eric works in the kitchen at the Crowne Plaza. They both are members of Boy Scout Troop 312 which is a troop for adults with disabilities. Eric loves animals and volunteers at the Animal Protective League and James volunteers for St. Martin DePorres. When speaking about Eric & James, Jill Steiner, Human Resource Director for the Y and Saturday Strikers Bowling program director, says, “Eric and James always arrive with a smile on their faces and greetings for staff and fellow bowlers. They are supportive of each other and those around them. They have mutual interests, but each has found their own path.” Eric and James have the freedom to choose how they will spend their Saturday mornings. They choose to be part of the YMCA family. Each bowler brings something special to the Saturday Strikers Bowling program. Eric and James show us each week how important it is to follow your passion.