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Lifeguard at the YMCA

$350 for non-members, $250 for members, $0 upfront for those doing Train to Work*


Contact Aquatic Director Arthur Steiner– or (217) 544-9846 x 194–for more information.

Students should compete the 9 e-learning lessons, found at, before the first day of class. All candidates must pass a pre-requisite swim test listed below.

To enroll in a YMCA lifeguard class participants must be age 16 years of age on the last day of class.


To be a safe and successful lifeguard, individuals must have a mastery of basic swim strokes. Therefore, all interested lifeguard candidates must pass a pre-requisite swim test consisting of:

1) Ability to tread water for 2 minutes using legs only with hands above the water’s surface
2) Swim 100 yards front crawl/freestyle.
3) Swim 50 yards each of front crawl/freestyle with head up; sidestroke 25 yards on each side; breaststroke; breaststroke with head up; and elementary back stroke kick with hands on chest, stomach or above head.
4) Perform feet first surface dive in 8-10 ft. of water and swim underwater for 15 feet.
5) Swim a sprint of 60 feet, perform arm-over-arm surface dive in 8-10 ft. of water and retrieve object on the bottom of the pool, return to the water’s surface and tread water for 1 minutes while holding object above the water.
6) Take the object back to bottom of pool, swim the remaining length of pool, hoist self out of water and perform compressions on a mannequin.


Following the successful completion of the required pre-requisite swim, the class is open to the first 10 participants who register and pay full class fees. Class assignments and agendas will be provided to the first 10 registrants.


Once Participants are registered for class with the YMCA of Springfield system, they will be directed to also register and create an account with YMCA of the USA at YUSA maintains a national registry of certifications for all YMCA lifeguards.


*Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent accompany or parent signature for approval to take a lifeguard class.

*TRAIN TO WORK Commit to work for the Springfield YMCA and receive your first paycheck and pay no additional class fees!