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Swim Lessons

Swimming is a life-saving skill that should be accessible to all.

The YMCA of Springfield is our community’s premier provider of aquatic instruction. Whether you want to conquer your fear of the water, train for a race, prepare your child for summers around the pool, or give your child exposure to the sport of swimming, the YMCA has the right lesson for you. With a competition pool, child pool, lane pool, warm lap pool, resistance pool, and more, the YMCA has the amenities you need to be water ready. Sign up today, and see why the YMCA is so much more than a gym.

Lifeguard Training

Do You Have What it Takes?

The YMCA lifeguard training and certification is a unique program designed to ensure interested individuals have all the necessary skills to handle a very demanding and important responsibility: Saving a life! Upon the successful completion of the YMCA course, each participant will become certified as a YMCA lifeguard. Participants also will receive additional certifications in CPR for the professional rescuer, Basic First Aid and Emergency Oxygen Administration from the American Health and Safety Institute. The course combines classroom lecture, online e-learning, swimming and water rescue practice. Read More>

Recreational Swimming

The YMCA  has swimming facilities at both locations used for events such as Gym and Swim and many more!  If you are not interested in the swim classes offered but would like to use the facilities for training and conditioning, check out the pool schedules on our website for  open swim time.

Water Fitness

Water exercise is a great way to burn calories without putting extra stress on your joints. The ability to swim is not necessary for participation and classes are offered at varying levels of intensity. Modifications can be made in any class. 


Swim Beyond the Boundaries.

SNAP is a specialized swim lesson program opportunity for individuals with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other special needs. The YMCA reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or medical clearance to participate. Depending on the client’s needs and comfort level, we encourage them to progress in swimming either by working toward regular group lessons or Special Olympics participation. Sessions will run in conjunction with the YMCA program session calendar. Read More>

SPY Swim Team

The Springfield YMCA (SPY) Swim Team is a YMCA/USA year-round competitive swimming program offering quality professional coaching and technical instruction for all ages and abilities. The vision of the SPY Swim Team is to foster an environment allowing individuals to become superior swimmers and better people, to contribute to team camaraderie and sportsmanship, and build lifelong skills consistent with the YMCA’s mission and cause. Read More>

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