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Schedules, workouts, healthy recipes, & more!


  1. Please use the form below to request access to our Mobile App.

  2. Once membership is confirmed, members will receive an activation Email from Virtuagym.

  3. Please follow the instructions in the activation email from Virtuagym to create your account.

  4. Click your mobile store logo below to download the mobile app 

  5. Questions?

If you are receiving Virtuagym emails on classes being rescheduled, please disregard. All classes are running as scheduled. Virtuagym was made aware of the issue and is working diligently to resolve the matter.

 YMCA App Registration Form

Download the app from the link below after you register and activate your account.



The SpringfieldY app is a comprehensive digital community experience that opens up opportunities for you to live healthy, receive and give support, obtain updates, and connect with other Y members and groups. Whether you do it to keep up with your fitness goals, stay up to date on your children’s programs, or meet up with one of your groups for a walk, jog, or a cup of coffee; we’ll help connect you and keep you connected within the Y’s friendly community.


As a member of the SpringfieldY app, you can easily use your phone to:

Check-in faster. Just open the app, scan your barcode, and enter.

Access schedules. Quickly find times for group fitness classes, the pool, and the gymnasium any day of the week.

Simplify fitness tracking. Sync wearables through your Fitbit, Apple Health, and Google Fit.

Improve health. Set goals, measure milestones, and view, update, and track the progress of your body metrics. You can also track your nutrition intake, organize meal plans, and view your food diary.

Celebrate progress. View your fitness points, badges, awards, active challenges, and achievements.

Experience stronger connections in your Y Community. Read updates from your branch, take part in discussion groups, join Y fitness challenges, and integrate with your healthy living community!

Digital Fitness. See workout plans, search example exercise videos, track completed activities, and add new ones!

Visit My Y. Access your Y’s information: opening hours and available facilities.