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Martial Arts


Karate All Levels (Ages 15+)
This course will focus on teaching participants key fundamentals of practical self defense. Awareness-teaches participants to be aware of their surroundings and how the body reacts before, during and after a violent encounter. Recognition-teaches participants to recognize potential threats, threat patterns and physical cues of an attack. Reaction- teaches participants to react instead of hesitate, when faced with a violent encounter. Avoidance- teaches students verbal and non-verbal techniques to avoid an attack if possible. De-escalation- students will be encouraged to use verbal techniques to avoid conflict if possible and de-escalate after an attack.

Tae Kwon Do (beginner & intermediate classes, ages 5+)
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art. The techniques blend several ancient self-defense systems into a single dynamic one. Extensive kicking and footwork patterns characterize this Olympic sport! Our program stresses self-esteem,
self-discipline, physical fitness, balance, flexibility and concentration. Families may receive multiple participant discounts.

Karate All (beginner & intermediate classes, ages 5+)
Beginners (white belt) and advanced (yellow belt and above) are taught traditional karate and self-defense. Karate builds your coordination, self-confidence, discipline and respect for yourself and others. Classes incorporate blocks, punches, kicks, throws, and other techniques. Families may receive multiple participant discounts.

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Family Karate (Ages 5-12)
This class is designed for children to learn karate together with their parent, guardian, or older sibling. Working from basics (white belt) up to advanced techniques (yellow belt and above). Karate builds coordiation, self-confidence,
discipline, and respect for yourself. Class incorporates blocks, punches, kicks, throws, and self defense.

Teen & Adult Karate (Ages 13+)
This class is designed to build upon basic techniques and to master more advanced moves. Class incorporates a mix of karate, tae kown do, and self defense. Participants can test for a higher belt after completing this class.

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Private & Semi-Private Karate Lessons 

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