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Martial Arts

Open to ages 5-12. Class is held Monday-Thursday, with the exception of only advance karate students with green belts and above (or with the instructor’s permission) may attend Wednesday classes.

Students will learn Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate &
practical self-defense in this program. Over time, coordination will improve along with self-confidence, discipline, and self-respect. This class incorporates blocks, kicks, throws, punches, and age appropriate combat and self-defense techniques. A student’s rank will be earned by testing based upon hard work, effort, and the ability to meet the requirements for each rank. Classes are taught by tenured instructors and senior students who are ranked and recognized through the National Okinawan Goju Ryu Organization.

More information about Wednesday night class:

Kobudo Class | Traditional Okinawan Weapons training.
In this class current karate students who are green belt or above will learn the basic use of traditional Okinawan Weapons such as the Bo Staff and Sai plus the concepts and phosophy of Okinawan Kobudo.


Wednesday night class is for advance students, green belts and above (or with an instructor’s permission) to attend. All other nights are open for all ranks.