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“It started as a journey and turned into a lifestyle.

Several years ago, I sat with my husband at a restaurant after a doctor’s appointment. My knees hurt and after two rounds of medicine my next step was a steroid injection. That was my wake up call.

My family joined the YMCA shortly after. I began by walking laps in the water at the Kerasotes branch. When my legs got stronger I decided to try water aerobics. It wasn’t so bad. I was working at my own pace and soon keeping up with the class. I started noticing small changes. My clothes weren’t as snug anymore.

I was really starting to lose weight with the water aerobics and getting much healthier. So healthy, in fact, our family was blessed with a new little boy. I continued attending water aerobics after my pregnancy, but I felt stuck. Was this as good as it gets? My family physician suggested I visit the Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center to help me overcome the plateau. They gave me the tools I needed and the confidence to not give up on my journey.

The YMCA has become a part of my routine, and I spent many of my lunch hours there. I still do water aerobics, but now I’m able to swim laps, use the cardio and strength machines, and I’ve recently started attending a Zumba class. I’ve done everything at my own pace and have met many new friends at both branches of the YMCA.

My journey isn’t complete, but I’ve come a long way. What all started with one walk in the pool has created a much happier and healthier person. It’s not just a journey now. This is my way of life.”

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By, Jennifer