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180 Club 2018

By December 4, 2017March 2nd, 2018Workouts

Join the 180 Club & Maximize your membership!
Work out 180 days in 2018 and be inducted into the YMCA “180 Club.”

*Reach 180 days by 12/31/18 and receive a sport-tek graphite heather t-shirt with the 180 club logo!

*Reach 90 days by 7/1/2018 and recieve this sport bag! 

1. Workouts will be counted by days and must happen at the YMCA of Springfield, IL, proven by member check in. (Three swipes in one day, still equals one day!)
2. We depend on the honor system for you to actually be working out! (Your health will thank you.)
3. You must meet the number of days by the date specified to earn a prize, no less.
4. Workout days that are part of a program, such as Lose Big, Silver Sneakers, or Total Body Transformation, count towards your goal!
5. Other special incentives and challenges may occur throughout the year.

FREE! Registration opens 12/1/17. Must be registered by 1/31/18. Ages 18+. Members only.

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