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Keeping It All in the Family

By February 15, 2018March 2nd, 2018Uncategorized, Y Stories

When most people in Springfield hear the name Pedigo, they instantly think of sod.  For over 50 years, the Pedigo family has solely focused on the growth, perfection, and distribution of Kentucky Bluegrass Turf Sod.  What I bet you didn’t know is that the Pedigo family also has a tradition of playing basketball at the Springfield YMCA.  Three days a week father, Gene (82); sons Randy (62) and Denny (55); and grandsons Nick (32) and Eric (37); and great-grandson, Jase (14), play pick-up basketball at the Kerasotes YMCA.  They have been doing this for the past three years and they rarely miss a day!

Because Pedigo Sod is a seasonal business, they work extremely hard during the spring, summer and fall.  But when winter comes, it’s time for them to hit the court.  The three days they spend at the YMCA are described as “practice” for their Friday night games. The Pedigo family plays in New Berlin’s gym every Friday night.  A larger group participates in these weekly Friday night games.  At the end of March, they play one last family basketball game before their busy season starts.

Gene Pedigo says, “It’s lots of fun and great exercise but the best part is that I get to do something with my kids, grandkids, and now, some of my great-grandchildren.” He says he loves coming to the YMCA because everyone is so welcoming and helpful.  When YMCA staff was asked about Gene, they said, “Mr. Pedigo is one of the most genuine and sweet individuals we have ever met. You can see that with how he plays and interacts with his family.”  When I asked the Pedigo men if they ever fought about plays or fouls, one son quickly said, “Oh yeah, but we leave that on the court.”